We import high performance automobile lubricants to create better life for automobile users in Japan.

As an exclusive agency for POLO lubricants (made in USA) in Japan , we have a broad product lineup including engine oils. With careful selection as an expert in these areas, we are always in pursuit of products that only satisfy customers.

Lubricating Specialties Company (LSC) in U.S.A. is a top lubricant company in West America . LSC's lubricants are OEM'd to prominent major lubricants manufacturers.
LSC's own brand POLO lubricants series which are developed using sophisticated technology does not use base oils other than those US-made. With no exception anyone feels super high quality in LSC's products. As an exclusive Japan agent, we are offering high-quality POLO lubricants series to domestic customers.

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Engine Oil Series

Our motor oils are designed to meet and exceed the latest car and diesel engine manufacturers' warranty requirements. We use the highest quality base oils and special additives, which protect against high temperature oxidation, wear and viscosity breakdown. Most are fortified with detergent-dispersants and rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines exceptionally clean and free of sludge, varnish and rust. Friction Modifiers provide reduced internal friction between moving engine parts.

Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF) Series

Many of the transmission fluids made by LSC are manufactured from premium quality paraffinic base oils blended with specially balanced additive combinations to provide high oxidation stability, excellent foam resistance, corrosion and wear protection, and heat resistance.
We make transmission fluids that are compliant with manufacturer standards, such as Chrysler ATF+3, GM Dexron(R) and Ford Mercron(R), JASO 1A specification as well as heavy-duty fluids for Allison and Caterpillar equipment.

Gear Oil Series

We make high-quality mineral and synthetic gear lubricants. Many of our lubricants have rust protection, extreme pressure, anti-wear and non-foaming features.

Power Steering Fluid(PSF)

POWER STEERING FLUID is a premium formulation of high quality base oil and premium additives. It provides optimum protection in all power steering systems both foreign and domestic. It protects power steering system against wear, provides controlled seal swelling, resists foaming, oxidation, corrosion and rusting.


SMOKE KILLER is an outstanding product designed to eliminate smoke, improve fuel injection, provide anti-wear, enhance fuel economy and ensure engine cleanliness and improved fuel stability. It also contains biocidal properties.


CRYSTAL GREASE is a food grade of colorless and odorless multi-purpose synthetic food machinery grease. It has excellent wear and rust protection. This unique grease provides excellent water "wash-out" resistance and maintains its consistency in the presence of large amounts of water.